In the words of Don Draper “I eat a lot of apples.”

Famed dutch Art Director Rudi Van Voojen collects beautiful neckties. And somewhere right now, in an unknown suburb, in a small apartment smelling of fresh roasted coffee and sharpies, a Creative that you know is doing something you didn’t realise.

In this series of profiles Photographer Garth Oriander finds out what makes them tick.

Garth Oriander

The guy downstairs calls him ‘Kitten’, but just ‘Garth’ is fine. Before becoming a photographer Garth spent a number of years working as a professional jazz singer, sauna attendant and police officer. (In fact, he still contributes photography and opinion pieces to the ‘Cop This’ column of Blue Beat Gazette.)

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Web Design
James Terry

According to his mother, James could have been a model. In fact, according to his mother, James could have been a lot of things: an Olympic swimmer; a Hawthorn football player; and a variety of other professions on a list trotted out every Christmas lunch and similar unfortunate events. Suffice to say that James’ ‘creative’ design job and his weekend bee-keeping is rather underwhelming for James’ mother. Despite the negative projections, James pushes on. James isn’t resentful. He’s sad, if anything.  Garth is sad too. Garth’s hoping that by including James in his team, he’ll support his childhood friend. That, and stop his mother from calling. He’ll only block her number as a last resort. James’ kinesiologist agrees with the overall direction he is heading in.


Julia Goldie

Despite the rumours, Julia’s collection of reinforced 3 hole punched loose leaf foolscap paper isn’t that large. She calls it a healthy obsession, others say there is no visible difference between 7mm and 8mm feint ruled. Julia says “I beg to differ”.

Her association with Salvatore “Toto” Cutugno has not gone unnoticed, nor has her additional fifth digit, which comes into its own when typing a call sheet.

When Garth asked Julia to be involved in this project, she chose a pale pink 7mm feint ruled foolscap sheet for her reply, knowing full well how difficult it would be to match the envelope.