Justin Bernhaut

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I have been described by friends as being restless and I guess that is reflected in my career evolution. I’m a qualified pharmacist that decided  to become a photographer working in New York. To now creating and running a global organic toothpaste company Jack and Jill Kids. However the constants in my life have been the love of food, art & music.

I’ve always had a thing for learning how to make sausages and salami. I’m interested in barbecuing and know how to prepare meats. The mystique for me is understanding the processes and having respect for complicated techniques. It’s about knowing where your food comes from too.

WMTT-Justin x 2


My mother is a strong creative influence. She’s a painter and a thinker. My grandfather was a musician. In a way, he was into the kinds of things I’m into – just in another time.

Music is a big source of creative inspiration. It’s not so much an escape but it opens my mind, whether it’s playing or listening. That’s what brought me to build my own guitar.



I could be called a crazy collector slash hoarder. Guitars and cars have definitely been a weakness. I hate to admit it but I think I’m a bit nostalgic about things and I do have a bit of trouble getting rid of them. But I’m working with that.




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