Barnaby Chiverton


Fly fishing was an enforced thing through my father in law. When he first took me, we went what I call ‘commando’ fishing – tiny streams where you don’t catch anything but you lose a lot of flies. I love where it takes you. Beautiful spots in the middle of nowhere, and I feel good in those places. There’s a sensibility and soulfulness about those places that move into architecture for me.


In becoming an architect, you’d have your heroes you found very inspiring and would kind of copy them to a certain extent. But as you got better, you’d have a wider variety of heroes and choose bits from each of them to develop your own architectural language.

currango_0105 copy

I get inspiration from art, photography – a whole range of creative and artistic endeavours. Just looking around now, there’s an old tram and I immediately think of the sand crawler in Star Wars. That was a cool thing that influenced my architecture when I was younger. Inspiration is everywhere.


My favourite fly is the Royal Wulff, because you can see it at twilight for those monster fish that I aim to catch!