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I was very young when I first began to draw. I remember being told that my drawings were really good. In a way, I think that being told this made me stick with it. Of course we can all draw, but the more you do it, the better you get. I’m now a freelance illustrator and I also exhibit my work. I’m proud of that because it took me a long time to get here. I originally studied art history and I couldn’t even use a computer when I got my first job. I was employed at Davenport, illustrating cartoon characters for boxer shorts. Eventually I got a job at Seed and was there for five years. That was a good experience. I think I am where I want to be now though – working for myself. Recently I’ve worked on a children’s book about Sidney Nolan. I got to visit Heide and immerse myself in Nolan and Sunday Reed’s world. I found it really rewarding.

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I like using acrylic on wood. You can layer more easily on wood than on paper. My father was a stonemason, so for me the warmth of wood is exotic because I grew up around stone. He comes from an island off the coast of Croatia where there is lots of dry walling and carving. Stone carving is an interesting discipline because once you’ve taken the marble away, it’s not like clay where you can just add a bit more back.

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A person who inspires me is the Swedish 1960’s pop artist Öyvind Fahlström. He does these strange collages that I really like. Also, an Australian artist called Noel McKenna. His work makes interesting statements on Australian contemporary life. His art also has a sense of humor. I try to bring humor to my work too. I think life is pretty ridiculous really, so you need to be able to see its funny side!

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