Viv Gibson-Thomas

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I spent a couple of years working in New York as a Copywriter. When I got back to Melbourne I wanted to get a fun bit of jewelry, but I couldn’t find anything. If it was fun it was poorly made and if it was high quality it was boring. That’s when I got the idea to produce jewelry that was high fun and high quality.

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I learned the process of metal casting and made myself a pen lid necklace. Whenever I wore it people would always comment on it. Then I thought maybe I should sell them. Because of my background in advertising I knew how to create a brand. The name Chewed by Tuesday came about because I had to drop off a chewed pen lid to have the cast made – and the day I had to drop it off was a Tuesday. Once I started producing the jewelry, it got picked up by people like Cool Hunter, Frankie and The Design Files. It was an organic process that kind of blew up really quickly.

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One day I got contacted by Bic in relation to infringing copyright. I told them that my pen lid was a homage to their product and thankfully it didn’t end up being a problem. Being contacted by Bic however did prove that I must be doing something right!

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Who inspires me? In terms of a jeweller, I really like Lucy Folk and Victoria Mason, but I am inspired by people in all sorts of industries. Basically, I like people who break rules. I don’t know why people are so bound by parameters. I find it much more exciting to ignore them.

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